For the benefits of steam bath and sauna


For the benefits of steam bath and sauna

We live in constantly changing, fast world. Many commitments, growing problems, lack of time for complete rest are leading to increasing of stress levels in the human organism. Many doctors are claiming that stress in large quantities is the root of many deseases of XXI century. The stressed organism grows old faster and gets sick more often.

It is no coincidence that in recent years there has been a great increase of the demand for SPA hotels. This category includes hotels with 4 or 5 stars, which, in addition to all necessary extras, according to the categorization of the accommodation places, shall provide its guests with access to steam bath, sauna, massage and detox therapies, variety of healing and beauty treatments.

And while the steam bath and sauna are relatively well known by most of the people, they often accept them only in meaning of relaxation or as part of beauty treatments package. Infact, the steam bath and sauna have many beneficial effects on human health. Let’s look at them:

Steam bath is special room, which is heated by steam. Each high-end hotel must have at its disposal a steam bath. The temperature in the steam bath usually is around 45 degrees, and the humidity close to 100%. The benefits:
• The steam bath helps to open the respiratory tract, which improves breathing. Thanks to the wet heat from the steam bath, the mucous membranes of the body open and that leads to significant relief of conditions such as asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis.
• The biggest organ of the human body is the skin. About 30% of the waste in our body passes through the skin. Here the steam bath helps in two ways – on one hand, the hot wet steam helps for opening the pores and easier cleansing of retained toxins in the body; on the other hand, abundant sweating increases the detoxification capacity and the body can be cleansed more efficiently. As result, you will have soft, smooth and clean, slightly pinkish skin, which will not only feel great, but it will look very good too. The benefits of detoxification of the body are undeniable and are far away from just having a better look. The detoxification is powerful tool for rejuvenating the body. Its cleansing action relieves the work of the organs in the whole body.
• Steam bath treatments are very relaxing and have a greatly beneficial effect on the nervous system.
• Thanks to the hot steam the blood supply in the whole body improves.
• If the steam bath combines with massages , the processes of detoxification, relaxation and massages will help for visible and significantly reduce of cellulite.


Sauna is the drier and hotter version of the steam bath. The sauna is invented more than 2000 years ago in Finland, therefore you can often see it under the name “Finish sauna” .
Same as the steam bath, sauna has variety of benefits for the human health and look, but here are some more advantages:
• Using of sauna improves the immunity! This is due to the fact, that in the sauna the temperature of the human body reaches 40 degrees and falls into a state of so-called artificial fever! In this state, immune protection is stimulated and starts production of antibodies and white blood cells, which from their side reinforce our protection from seasonal viruses and various bacteria.
• Sauna is a well-known and widely recommended remedy for joint pain. Especially suitable for people suffering from arthritis and migraine.
• The heat of the steam soothes nerve endings and muscles. This is a great solution for muscle relaxation after a serious physical load.
• Using of sauna decreases the blood presure and helps for healthier and deeper sleep.


It is proven, that the use of steam bath and sauna not only relieves some health conditions and make you feel and look better, but also decrease the levels of stress in the body. The heat and steam helps release endorphins in the body that fight the effects of stress.

Regardless of the occasion of your trip, whether you are going to use an all-inclusive package or not, do not miss the steam bath and the sauna. Take care of yourself!