The Secrets of the Northern Black Sea coast


The Secrets of the Northern Black Sea Coast

There is little talk about the North Black Sea coast, and his adherents may prefer to stay that way. The further north you go, the wider and wild the beaches become and the quieter the crowds. Our Northern Black Sea coast is like a mysterious ravine which is revealed only to its electors and whose heart is hard to win. If you have chosen for your summer vacation a hotel in Golden Sands, you have the opportunity to discover the secrets of this paradise..

The mysterious home of the hermit monks
The Aladzha Monastery is located very close to the hotels of Golden Sands, overlooking the resort, hidden in the majestic forest of the nature park, which is a little known fact that it is the second officially declared park in Bulgaria, in 1943. The history of Aladja Monastery is based mostly on rumors. There is no exact data on who and when he built the rocky caves, which will later become cells of the monks of hermits - but they know that they have sought for ascetic seclusion there only after Christianity has been officially accepted in Bulgaria. One of the mysteries is related to the fact that there is no information what the Christian name of the monastery, whose familiar name today comes from the Turkish word "aladja", is a color. Assuming, however, that "Aladzha" is actually two words and "al" is the word, "juja" can be translated from Sanskrit as “god”. Another part of the legends tells about a secret labyrinth of tunnels, and this mystery is fed even more by the presence of a rock-buried hole that has not been studied to this day.

The Beach of Power
The hotels of Golden Sands are bordered by beautiful white beaches, but if you want a little exotics and an unfamiliar experience you can move in the north direction. Bolata is a beach located on the northern side of Kaliakra cape, which is among the few in the area with a sandy beach. It is known to him that he has been on world rankings for the most beautiful beaches, but if we have to tell you an interesting fact, it is related to the limited access that has accompanied him for years. The non-terrestrial beauty of this beach has been hidden from the eyes of citizens for long periods of time, and the reason is that it was in a military zone and just passed through it was the so-called red phone of power between Sofia and Moscow, held the most secret conversations of the then power. Today, however, you can freely reach it, and stories from that time are carried by soldiers who have been driving their military service on its shores.

Mystical species
If any of you have wondered why the north has a populated place called Tyulenovo, the reason is that there could be seals monks. A species that had a fairly large population of nearly 300 copies until World War II, when it drastically collapsed to be considered completely extinct after 1984. However, the stories of the turmoil that the seals have set in the then military zone of the North Black Sea coast are alive - even then getting closer to these creatures was difficult and there are too few documented cadres for its presence. Fishermen and locals are still staring at the sea, hoping to return the seas again to the seashore, for which the surf, caves, low rocks and winds available in the region prove to be a good place to settle. Another missing species of our aquatic environment is the Black Sea mackerel, whose catches up to eighty years ago on a daily basis have reached over half a million pieces.

The northern Black Sea coast offers not only splendid hotels, but also a lot of mysticism, which we invite you to discover with your families, stopping on holiday in Golden Sands - where nature and luxury are in a symbiosis that you will find hard to find elsewhere.