The basics of hotel animation


The basics of the hotel animation

You are choosing a hotel in Golden Sands all-inclusive and you think that the advantages extend mainly to the rich block table and the possibility to use the pool and water attractions as a aqua park? Hotel animation is in many cases an understated service offered by all inclusive hotels. Although sometimes considered simply as a finishing touch, hotel animation can, in a whole new way, leave the guests fully tuned. More and more hotels, resorts and cruise ships around the world are investing in high-quality hotel animation and live entertainment to increase the perceived and real value of their accommodations while watching the incredible results of these managerial decisions.



After the 1960s, tourism seemed to create all the comforts of the vacationers - convenient infrastructure, service, wonderful hotels - when everything is so well arranged, however, an unexpected detail comes - boredom. It turns out that people need communication, entertainment and standing on the beach or by the pool no longer satisfies them. Thus, from this period onwards, an increasing prevalence takes over. leisure services, part of which is hotel animation.


The essence of animation

Animation like any other service and product has its own life cycle - guests have high expectations for their holidays and are bored quickly. Hotel animation should answer several basic questions - what it aims at - getting acquainted with culture, nature, entertainment through sports or more; to whom it is addressed - age, gender, social status; what are the natural or material resources that would be most favorable for the animation.


Types of animation


Kids Animation - Kids are the most important guests at the hotel! Having a playground and animation is a good choice for everyone - on the one hand, children do not get bored and create unforgettable moments and new friendships, on the other parents have a little more free time to enjoy activities that are not suitable for children like the SPA center.

Sports animation - outdoors, sports competitions, holidays of different disciplines or types of sports - aerobics, callanetics, bodybuilding, walking tours and maybe just organized visit to a football game. Sports animation is a mix of different services for maintaining the good shape of the guests. At its core is the need for movement, social networking, expression and achievement. Research has shown that the percentage of people who choose a destination according to their ability to practice a sport, such as kite surfing, diving or skiing, is increasing.

Sports animation does not seek high sportsmanship, but it is important to maintain a high sporting spirit. Very popular lately and so on. recreational sports animation - including, for example, yoga classes or meditation classes. "Recreatio" in Latin means restoration of power. Animation programs in recreation are related to the preservation and recovery of the body through the prevention and treatment of the mind: homeopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, music therapy, kinesitherapy, fitness, martial arts, meditation and more.

Cultural animation - visits to opera, ballet, concerts and various festivals. An advantage of the hotels all inclusive of Golden Sands is the proximity to Varna, which in the summer is the true festival capital of Bulgaria and hosts a number of cinemas, music and folk festivals - as well as the oldest ballet contest in the world.


Tourists are advised to inquire about the animation at their chosen hotel and boldly embark on the opportunity to try something for the first time in their lives and to meet new people.