What to pack for summer vacation?


What to pack for a summer vacation?

The hot sunny days are already here and they are urging us to think more and more about our summer vacation by the sea.
The summer vacation is the time when all the everyday cares go away and we dive in positive thoughts and spend quality time with our loved ones. Whether you chose to relax in one of the luxury Golden Sands hotels or you prefer the tranquility of smaller resorts, holiday luggage is always a major topic for discussion. This is why we have prepared some invaluable tips that will make your bags lighter so you can enjoy your warm days by the sea.

What can I carry in the cabin baggage on the plane?
If you have chosen to travel by air, you must be aware of the requirements and limitations that airlines have regarding the amount of cabin baggage. You can obtain this information quickly and easily from the company's website by viewing the written parameters of your flight card or electronic ticket. Most low-cost airlines will allow only one piece of cabin luggage, while with the standard airlines two-piece luggage is allowed.
In hand baggage, it is advisable to put your most valuable items first, such as: ID, home and car keys, money, credit cards, medicines and electronics. It is important to know that cosmetics, perfumes, beverages and liquid foods are allowed in hand luggage if they do not exceed 100 ml. each. Exceptions are made when transferring baby food and medication needed by passengers during the flight, after a preliminary explanation to the airport staff during the check-in process.
For all ladies who want to arrive beautiful and fresh it is necessary to mention that wearing high heels, hair press, nail polish and make-up in your hand luggage is allowed.
This is enough on baggage restrictions. What, however, includes the ideal baggage list for the sea?
No matter how much time we have to prepare, we often leave packing the suitcase for the last minute. That's why it's good to have a list of the most basic things that will save nerves and time to prepare.


Swimsuit, beach towel, sunglasses, comfortable shoes.
It might sound unnecessary to remind you, because you can buy similar goods from any shore store. But surely it is better to have a swimsuit you feel comfortable with, sunglasses with protection and comfortable shoes that you choose from a favorite and verified shop.

Sun protection products
Skin care is very important if you decide to spend your long vacation days outdoors, under the summer sun.

First Aid Kit
Always carry band aids, med. alcohol, painkillers, allergy medicine, insect repellents and do not forget any medicine prescriptions if you are taking special prescription medications.

Many times, while in a hurry, we fail to check whether we took the chargers for the laptop, the phone, the tablet, etc. with us. That is why we advise you to prepare them first in your luggage so that you do not fall into unwanted isolation from the digital world.

Important advice: Always leave some space in your suitcase or bag to make sure you have enough space for the souvenirs and gifts you will bring with you to remember the sea.
Once we’re certain we have everything we need fit’s yime to dive in our dreamy summer vacation, that will boost our energy bar with positive vibes!