How to Have Fun on the Beach


How to Have Fun on the Beach

Holidays at the seaside in Bulgaria offer many opportunities to have fun, and we have made a selection of the most classic pastimes to try during your vacation.

Water sports
Water sports offered on the Black Sea coast are numerous and promise time full of adrenaline. You can choose between a day trip with a jet or a boat, and activities that can grow into your kite surfing or scuba diving. Kayaks are also preferred on the Bulgarian beaches - you can practice them in tandem with your partner or with the children.

Beach Games
A true classic from our childhood, which proves to be endless, are the various board games, which, despite their name, can also be perfectly practiced toweling. Whiteness, chess or backgammon - the choice is yours, and fun for the whole company is irresistible. There are also many opportunities for solo fun - crossword or sudoku - we don't believe you haven't tried.

Water park
Although we choose to spend the sea holidays in Bulgaria mainly because of our beautiful beaches, the water parks remain one of the most sought after attractions - they give a completely different look to the water activities and are suitable for all ages. Children remain children, and for them the collection of tan is not particularly important, unlike their contact with the water and the entertainment opportunities it offers. If you are a guest of Prestige Deluxe Hotel Aquapark Club you can enjoy the following attractions:
• Two swimming pools for adults and children
• Outdoor and indoor water slides, fountains, fairy tales
• Pool bar
• Sun beds, umbrellas and towels - free of charge
• Free and unlimited access to the Aquapark only for the guests of the Prestige Deluxe Hotel Aquapark Club

Playing with the kids
Resting with the family is first and foremost a time for rapprochement, and while it may be tiring at times, it is actually a matter of duty for parents to create wonderful memories for their children. Take toys, jump against the waves, and most of all, remind yourself how fun it is to make a sand castle, decorate it with collected shells and seaweed, and then play a fairy tale in it. In addition, this type of entertainment is a small chance to keep your kids dry and ashore.

Snorkelling and diving

Our sea is wonderful for tanning and swimming, but we often underestimate the opportunity to find a snorkel bottom. Although our underwater world is not as rich as on any tropical island, snorkeling is a soothing activity that allows you to experience true contact with the sea, its silence. If you want to try something really interesting, but your home resorts also offer diving opportunities. Our northern Black Sea coast is rich in underwater caves (near Tyulenovo, Yailata, Rusalka ", but perhaps the most interesting two underwater sites are the sunken cargo ship near Kranevo and the government plane sunk in 2011 by Todor Zhivkov - TU 154. The idea is with the time to become an artificial reef and be inhabited by various marine organisms such as algae, fish, crustaceans, etc., which will make it even more interesting for underwater viewing.