How to choose a hotel for business tourism?



How to choose a hotel for business tourism?



With the advent of September, Golden Sands hotels are beginning to welcome fewer foreign tourists, but continue to be animated by Bulgarian guests. A large part of them are business clients who take advantage of the opportunities for conference tourism. The early autumn is a very good time for holding not only professional and training conferences, but also team-building events. The weather is still pleasant, the alleys of the resort are already calm and the hotels are ready to meet the requirements of business tourism.

Golden Sands is probably one of the most suitable places for holding conference events, thanks to its well-developed infrastructure, the nearby Varna Airport and its undeniable natural assets, combining beautiful beaches with a nature park. If you are welcoming guests from a foreign company, you can be sure that they will be fascinated by the level of service offered, our cuisine and our beautiful autumn sea.

The Prestige Deluxe Hotel Aquapark Club is family-oriented and there is no conference room available, at the expense of which it is possible to rent one at nearby hotels or to set up appropriate areas in the hotel with a smaller team. However, the hotel stands out as the ideal location for so-called. Incentive tourism - This is essentially a business trip to motivate or reward employees for success. Employees who benefit from this type of incentive often enjoy additional entertainment such as theme nights, yachting and more.


What to consider when choosing a business tourism hotel?


The theme

First of all, be fully aware of the purpose of this trip - whether it will be strictly professional, requiring the availability of certain technical amenities - multimedia, microphones ... or rather fit into the idea of ​​intensive tourism and it is important for your employees to have a good time and feel special with entertainment - a day in the aqua park for example. It is a good idea to have an accurate idea of ​​what you expect and to familiarize the host with these expectations. Whether you prefer an all-inclusive hotel or have  a-la-carte restaurant, whether it is important for you to have airport shuttle or a swimming pool – what is important for a business trip to have a plan. Remember, no matter how enjoyable the place is, it's your colleagues' time and you should appreciate it. Often business events try to combine various professional trainings with games to enhance team spirit and some fun. Set a theme and plan for the event and follow it.

Another important point when organizing a business trip is to clarify your alcohol consumption policy and decide for yourself whether you prefer a hotel with permanent free consumption (all inclusive) - if you do so for the convenience of your employees, be sure to inform them what is your alcohol consumption policy during your stay - as we have already mentioned, the line between vacation and business trip is thin but significant.



It is undoubtedly important to choose a location with easy access to an airport or major national routs. Golden Sands is a wonderful choice with the nearby Varna airport and the increasing number of flights to and from there. The direct flight to Istanbul actually allows guests to arrive with one transfer from almost anywhere in the world.



There is significant growth in the search for non-traditional locations, or in other words you do not have to choose a huge hotel with a conference center, as long as your host hotel facilitates the organization of the conference part of the event.



Undoubtedly, when it comes to business, the price is very important. Golden Sands hotels are affordable, and the all-inclusive has reduced the cost of food and drink, which is a major budget item for large group lodging.



If you do not have a plan for team-building activities, you can contact a company specialized in the organization of such events - the management of the hotel you have chosen could help you in choosing such a local partner.


In any case, your choice of hotels in Golden Sands is rich, whether it is for business tourism or just for a family vacation in the pursuit of the past summer - when special September offers.