The history of Golden sands


The history of Golden sands

Golden Sands is one of the most popular summer destinations in the country. Each year, thousands of tourists choose the resort to spend their summer vacation at one of the many all inclusive hotels. People looking for SPA hotels in Bulgaria, aqua parks, water sports and entertainment often come to this complex complex to spend their perfect vacation by the sea. Golden Sands is the largest seaside resort in the northern part of Bulgaria and offers numerous opportunities for recreation and all kinds of entertainment.
But what is the history behind this so popular and lively place? Today we will tell you a little more about it:

The Golden Sands Legends
The choice of the beautiful name of the resort is far from accidental. According to legend, the coast was a favorite place for pirates and a perfect hiding place where they buried their stolen treasures. The Earth decided to take revenge on the bandits and turned the gold into shiny golden sand, which we are enjoying now.
Another interesting story is that of the "clearing" of land near the complex of numerous snakes that inhabited the area prior to its construction. To deal with the reptiles, specialists take some hedgehogs from Albania who were thrown by plane over the resort. This is a legend that the staff of the complex and the people of Varna tell their guests till now.
A curious fact about the area is that in the past on the territory of Golden Sands there was a lake inhabited by special water turtles, which was one of the great sights there.

History of the creation of Golden Sands

Located 20 km north of the sea capital Varna, Golden Sands is one of the most popular and visited resorts in Bulgaria. The idea for its creation originated in the 1950s, and the construction of the base to accommodate tourists took one decade.
Golden Sands was built with the idea of utilizing its maximum natural potential and providing an opportunity for active family and balneological tourism. Initially, the complex was created by small hotels along the beach, and later larger buildings and establishments appeared.
The resort's construction ended in 1966, after which the complex was established as a new and attractive European destination. The resort is quickly gaining popularity and is visited by native tourists and famous foreign guests such as the first man in space - Yuri Gagarin.

Natural features of Golden Sands
The resort is famous for being one of the longest beaches with fine sand, beautiful bay and clear sea waters, which attract thousands of people who prefer to spend their holidays in Bulgaria. The area offers maximum pleasure, thanks to the wonderful combination of virgin forest and extensive beach. The good weather starts in May and often ends in October. The active tourist season is distributed in the months of June, July, August and the first weeks of September.

Golden Sands today
Today, Golden Sands is a private resort with more than 90 hotels and many restaurants, bars, discos, sports venues and various entertainment for every taste. The renovation of the sites and the improvement and enrichment of the infrastructure with new hotels, attractions and places for recreation, entertainment and some of the best spa hotels in Bulgaria in recent years has made the Golden Sands more and more convincing as a serious holiday destination for tourists from all over the world.
Golden Sands is the perfect place for a summer vacation, providing all kinds of entertainment for its guests. Apart from its beautiful natural features, the resort fascinates the visitors with opportunities for practicing various sports and long walks along the beautiful golden beach. Whether you are a fan of noisy entertainment or prefer some peace, Golden Sands can offer you everything you need for a complete summer holiday on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.