Are the beaches of Golden Sands clean?


Are the beaches of Golden Sands clean?


Looking for a cheap holiday in Golden Sands, but besides the price for you is important the beach and last but not least - health. Unfortunately, the enteroviruses on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are not uncommon and can give up the most durable stomach. Therefore, when choosing a sea holiday in Bulgaria, it is good to be interested in the quality of the water.

However, the control is intensifying and there are still places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, where water is regularly explored by RHIs. For the selected hotels in Golden Sands, even the best news from the regulator comes - this year the cleanest water is on the beaches of Golden Sands as well as on the camping Luna near Byala - there are no results from the regular samples taken to indicate deviations from the regulatory framework or the European directives. These are both areas in the "Excellent Water Quality" classification of the European Commission's classification.

It is important for the holidaymakers to know that it is good to take into account current research and not necessarily to follow the so-called Blue Flag - the ecological award for sustainable and clean beaches and harbors. The award of this label is for four years and the fact that a beach own it does not mean that it has necessarily shown good results from the studies from samples taken for example two weeks ago. The data closest to reality remains those taken by the local RHI (Regional Health Inspection) headquarters, which can also be seen on their pages on the Internet.
However, if you are planning to go outside of Golden Sands and try the beaches in Varna, you must avoid the Officers Beach, which for years has been famous for its rather contaminated with bacteria. Problems at certain times of the season may be the South and North Beach. These areas pose risks for gastrointestinal infections, urinary tract infections - this is largely for people with a weaker immune system susceptible to this type of bacteria.

In addition to the cleanliness of the water pit, it is important to be aware of the purity of the beach itself. According to these criteria, the beaches of Golden Sands also rank amongst the forerunners as concessionaires take great care to protect the clean sand from dirt. Often the problems under this criterion are reported on the beaches.
Our recommendations are as follows - ask the local! Local people always know which are the cleanest beaches and visit them. Even if you do not know any of your holiday, you can ask some hotel staff. Our other advice is to stick to the beaches with a concessionaire - you may be fond of the wild, but these places are usually not well maintained and often have no beachwatch. The third council - in any case, take in your luggage medicines against intestinal infections - even if you choose a clean beach you are not insured by local bacteria through the water from the shower or from drinking water. Sometimes drinking local water may be inappropriate for our intestinal flora.

The good news is that this year the beaches of Golden Sands are of excellent quality and you can safely relax in them.