The 4-star hotel – how to recognize it?


The four-star hotel - How Do Star Ratings Determine the Quality of Hotels?


When you plan your trip to Golden Sands and start looking at the resort accommodation, you will inevitably come across many hotels with a variety of categories. But what do the stars mean in Bulgaria and why is it important to you?

Generally speaking, the number of stars tells you what amenities you can expect from the hotel you have identified. In Bulgaria the categorization of hotels is carried out by the State Agency for Tourism.

One star - This is the lowest category according to the world standard for accommodation categorization. One-star hotels have very small rooms - about 8-9 sq. M. for a single room and 12 sq.m. for double. Room equipment is very modest. The requirements are to have a bed with a minimum size of 1 x 2 m, bedside table, lamp, sink and wardrobe with at least 3 hangers and two towels per person. In single star rooms, it is likely that the sanitary room is out of the room and shared. Safe, telephone and fax can be expected only at reception and TV in the lobby or other common room.

Two Stars - For two-star objects, apart from all the above, the requirement is to have a private bathroom in each room. In the rooms also, you can expect to have a telephone as well as a TV set. Two star hotels are required to offer a parking or garage to their guests.

Three stars - 3-star accommodation places must meet all the requirements already mentioned with some additions. Each room has air conditioning. An obligatory requirement is to provide the possibility of changing linen and towels as well as cleaning the rooms. The three-star hotel will also offer you: guarded parking lot, restaurant, laundry room, recreational and leisure facilities. You can also expect staff speaking at least one foreign language, as well as access for people with disabilities.

Four Stars - This category is also known as "first class" in the hotel industry. Four-star objects are distinguished from the top three categories with a much higher standard. In addition to all the above-mentioned conditions, the four-star hotel will offer you much better equipped rooms with upholstered furniture, internet, bathrobes and disposable slippers, mini-bar. Some of the other amenities you can expect - a swimming pool (indoor or outdoor), a conference hall, two restaurants, a beauty salon, a gym, a massage room, a sauna. In the four-star hotel you will have the opportunity to pay off without contact. The thing that distinguishes the four-star hotels from those with fewer stars is that the requirements for professional qualifications and foreign languages of staff are very high. This will ensure a much more enjoyable stay. Another major plus of hotels in this class is the all-inclusive service they offer. All inclusive, however, is not just the food, but also the many additional services and entertainment included in the package - use of a spa center, swimming pool, children and adults animation, aqua park, nightclub and many other entertainment facilities or recreation.

Five stars - All of the above amenities are obligatory for the five-star hotel. In five-star facilities, you can rely on more spacious rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, even higher requirements for professional qualification of service staff.

Regardless of the occasion of your trip - work, leisure or recreation, the knowledge of hotel categorization will help you choose the most appropriate place, according to your goals and possibilities.